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The new W-Health & Care boot from Waldhausen supports the regeneration of the horse"s leg with 3 functions - vibrating, cooling or warming.
With tendon injuries, the W-Health & Care boot can support the realigning of the tendon fibres during the healing phase. The flexibly deployable cooling function of the boot is anti-inflammatory in effect. If the vibration function is also activated at the same time, the boot can minimise swellings and promote blood circulation in the leg.
The W-Health & Care gaiter is also ideal for warming up and stimulating blood circulation in the horse"s leg during longer periods of rest in the box in winter. This makes the tendons more elastic and can reduce the risk of injuries.

The vibrating, as well as the heating, function of the boot can be regulated with three different levels and thus be optimally adjusted to your horse"s requirements.

The boot is supplied in an attractive insulated cool bag so that the cool packs remain cool en route to the stable.

Please note, there is NO UK PLUG supplied. You simply use the USB charging cable to power. 

Powerbank, charging cable and cool packs included.
With simultaneous use of the vibrating and heating function, the battery will last approx. 90 mins. Battery performance may differ in extreme temperatures

Length 35cm 

This listing is for ONE Boot 

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