Sprenger Sensogan KK Ultra Universal Bit

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 Sprenger Sensogan KK Ultra Universal Bit

The Sprenger Sensogan KK Ultra Universal Bit is designed to help create more control over strong horses which evade contact. The anatomically adapted mouthpiece has a middle link angled forward by 45° to enable soft but precise aids. This bit offers four different rein options, depending on where the reins are attached this bit gives a varying degree of lever-action to intensity the rider's aids. If poll pressure is not the priority then a curb strap can be used to limit the poll pressure and additionally act on the lower jaw. The lever action has a slight delay as the lateral offset position of the upper ring.

The Sensogan material of the mouthpiece is the result of the ongoing improvement of Sprenger's original bit material Aurigan. Sensogan contains manganese combined with zinc and a reduced copper content that results in a smoother and more regulated process of oxidation.

The Sprenger Sensogan KK Ultra Universal Bit is versatile and popular for showjumping but can also be effective for eventing as well as general fast work.

Newly developed Sensogan metal mouthpiece offers the best experience for you and your horse. Expertly made in Germany, finished to the highest possible standard for comfort and safety

Ring size 70mm 

Mouthpiece 16mm

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