Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Eggbutt Snaffle 14mm

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Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Eggbutt Snaffle 14mm

The Sprenger Dynamic RS bit is an eggbutt style cheek with a curved linked mouthpiece. Sprenger bits have been designed after extensive research to provide the optimum shape horse bits to fit the anatomy of the horses mouth.

The ergonomically designed mouthpiece of the RS Dynamic Bit is shaped to lie unobtrusively in the horses mouth resulting in a soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to accept the contact willingly and in a relaxed manor. The angled lozenge in the centre of this Sprenger RS Dynamic bit is angled forward for comfort, and coupled with the precisely engineered eggbutt provides the rider with kind, consistent communication with their horse.

Sensogan is a new material from Sprenger, and is the result of 2 years research and development to improve the already sucessful golden coloured Aurigan material that they are known for. Sensogan has a white/gold appearence and does not tarnish easily, but can be easily polished back to a high shine at any time if needed.

It is the distinctive composition of Copper, Manganese and Zinc that makes SENSOGAN® so special. The reduced copper content combined with the manganese results in a more regulated process of oxidation. Tests with the veterinary college of Hannover and the German Riding School in Warendorf  showed without doubt this combination of metals has a positive influence on the horse’s satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform.

Newly developed Sensogan metal mouthpiece offers the best experience for you and your horse
Expertly made in Germany, finished to the highest possible standard for comfort and safety
Ring: 65mm, Mouthpiece: 14mm

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