Sprenger HS System 4 Stirrups

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Sprenger HS System 4 Stirrups 

The System 4 technology that the Sprenger System 4 stirrup uses is to enable it to move in four directions and corrects the leg position. With Sprenger System 4 stirrups, the ankle is always and automatically in the correct low position. Due to the angle of the stirrup - the sole of the foot has a constant complete contact with the stirrup providing a good foothold and relaxed calves.

Legs are elongated and relaxed, allowing them to wrap around the horse more easily and provide clearer aids and communication.

Sprenger stirrups are thoroughly tested and have been strengthened to make sure they meet Sprenger's keen safety standards. The System 4 stirrups are designed to be "unbreakable" at over 800 kg breaking strength whilst still being flexible and light.

The advantages of the Sprenger Jointed stirrups system 4:

• Pivoting into 4 directions simultaneously

• Softens the impact on cartilage and ligaments

• The heel is always in the correct low position

Sizes 112mm, 122mm, 132mm 

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