Hilton Herbs Freeway PLUS

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Hilton Herbs Freeway PLUS

The natural way to help soothe irritated sore upper and lower respiratory tract mucous membranes, support healthy, efficient and effective lung function, as well as normal breathing rates and resistance to environmental airborne spores or seasonal allergens.

Contains pure tinctures of elecampane, liquorice, marshmallow, eyebright, plantain, cleaver, white horehound and garlic.

Cost-effective concentrated formulation

The PLUS products were formulated in accordance with the FEI's initiative for Clean Sport.  Each ingredient and final product has been screened for FCSs (feed contaminant substances) & HSPSs ( so-called herbal nops) to ensure the absence of these prohibited substances. For more information please refer to your sport's governing body or to the FEI Clean Sport website.

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