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Global Herbs Skratch Plus (Equine)

SkratchPlus is used primarily in spring and summer. The herbs have an even stronger action than their smell and work to maintain normal skin in even the most challenging conditions.

This formula is useful for itching, fly and horse fly worry. It can be used with the ‘Itch and Bite cream’ on sensitive areas and Citronella spray for cooling.

The Skratch product range are all based on extracts of certain trees which soothe the skin and help the body tolerate flies, midges and other insects and parasites.

Generally they have a strong smell which flies and parasites do not like.

The basic ingredients are well liked by many horses but extra palatising plants are included which contain no extra calories.

Skratch products work very quickly once your horse has become accustomed to the unusual taste.

Introduce a very small amount at first and build up slowly in the feed.



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