Beris Loose Ring Soft Comfort Bar Snaffle

Beris BitsSKU: 209555

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This anatomically correct bit sits lightly and evenly on tongue and bars and provides more room and freedom of movement for the tongue. When the reins are taken up, pressure is applied evenly on tongue and bars. A lateral squeezing of tongue and bars will not take place. Bit guards prevent pinching of the lips. Thanks to its slightly curved shape, the comfort bar sits very still in the horse”s mouth. Bits with a slightly curved bar are considered to be particularly gentle and kind to the mouth. This property, in combination with our beris plastic, enables the horse and rider to communicate with each other in an easier and more gentle way. The comfort bar is especially suitable for young and sensitive horses. The loose ring means that the bit is more mobile in the mouth. The loose ring snaffle is meant for horses who prefer this ´mobility´ in a bit. The ring runs very smoothly in the copper sockets, this better wear leads to an increased lifespan for the bit.

Ring Width 75mm

Bit Thickness 18mm

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