Arma Magnet Boots


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Creating the right environment for optimum condition and healing, ARMA Magnet boots require no preparation, and can be used as part of a daily routine. The magnets can help to promote increased blood circulation in the legs which can improve oxygen supply to the tissues to reduce muscle tension and inflammation, aid recovery, remove toxins and improve general well-being. Each boot contains 10 permanent magnets evenly spaced either side of the leg, and each with a magnetic strength of 2800 gauss. The boots are made from breathable airflow heat releasing fabrics and are suitable for use in the stable or whilst travelling. Key benefits: therapeutic, lightweight, use on front or hind legs, use as part of daily routine. Therapeutic uses: warm up and relax muscles after exercise, relieve muscle tension, aid relaxation, reduce inflammation, alleviate general stiffness, boost general wellbeing, support the body's natural healing processes.

Set of 2.

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