Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots


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Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots 

Veredus has created Carbon Vento by Marcus Ehning, the first cannon bone protector with double ventilation that ensures the horse’s legs are in optimum conditions to express its full potential.

Part of the Nero Line range of products, Carbon Vento is an addition to the famous Carbon Gel and Carbon Gel X-pro collection. It has been thoroughly tested by the great champion Marcus Ehning, whose signature it bears.

The secret of Carbon Vento lies in the innovative sandwich of materials that make up the padding: the inner layer, in contact with the horse’s leg, is a two-way stretch fabric for maximum comfort.

The middle layer is AEROX micro-perforated neoprene: the micro holes, perpendicular to the leg, are designed to facilitate the removal of heat; the outer layer is in special 3D mesh ducted fabric. The very wide mesh and the 3D fabric facilitate the upward removal of heat.

The shock-resistant shell has an air inlet at the bottom and an extractor flue at the top.
Carbon Vento by Marcus Ehning combines the protection offered by the carbon support and the anti-shock gel cushion, with the advantages of double ventilation.

The heat released from the horse’s leg passes through the microperforated neoprene layer and is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric. Fresh air enters through the air inlet as a result of the animal’s movement and directs the heat accumulated in the ducted fabric upwards to the outlet grille. Ventilation is therefore horizontal and vertical.

Ventilation is therefore horizontal – from the inside outwards - and vertical - from the bottom upwards: an innovative technology, never before tried.



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