Prolite Adjustable Wither Pad


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Prolite Wither Pad Adjustable in Black

The Prolite Wither Pad is an economy solution for muscle wastage or to alter saddle fit.

The Wither Pad raises the front of the saddle and helps to reduce the damage caused by the pressure points of the tree.

The Prolite Wither Pad features Prolite inserts that can be used or removed as necessary to increase the depth at the withers and will not slide back or down.

The Adjustable Wither Pad comes with 2 pairs of shims for a flexible fit.

The Prolite range offers 3 in 1 protection for your horse:

1. Prolite absorbs impact from rider movement.

2. Prolite disperses pressure points over a wider area.

3. Prolite absorbs lateral movement and remains still against the skin.

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