Lemieux ProSport Stealth Air XC Boots - Front - Mark 111

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LeMieux Stealth Air XC Boots - Mark 111

The latest boot to join the LeMieux ProSport stable is the Stealth Air MkIII XC boot. These ruthlessly efficient cross-country boots tick all the boxes, lightweight, breathable, protective and above all comfortable for the horses leg. They’ve been designed for strength and optimum strike protection. Perforated high tensile mesh gives 360° ventilation cooling tendons without the use of open air vents. The perforations allow heat to easily escape from inside the boot and avoid over-heating tendons.
Open air vents, commonly found in XC boots, can allow dirt & grit to get inside the boot as well as air. This can be carried by dust, mud or dirty water. Once inside there is the potential for irritation.
Fit is central to the the Stealth boot and the twin layer elasticated middle strap allows for any slack to be taken up in mid-section of boot for optimum fit & support. The angled lower strap contours the fetlock joint and ensures a close fit.

Stealth’s sleek design offers;

- Lightweight boot with optimum weight to strength ratio
- Moulding to the leg and tendon profile
- Support to the fetlock
- No joint or movement restriction
- Fabric that resists the up take of water (less than 1%)
- Polycarbonate strike protection guards (with lifetime guarantee)
- Strong leather PU outer palm
- Neoprene free breathable lining
- Comfortable shock absorbing design             
- 360 degree exchange of air over entire surface area

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